The GRYD Foundation

The GRYD Foundation, which stands for Gang Reduction & Youth Development, is a 501c3 public charity that collaborates with the City of Los Angeles and other community partners to reduce gang violence and to promote positive youth development.  Our mission is to create safer, healthier and stronger communities that we all can enjoy and be proud to call home, starting in Los Angeles…one individual and one family at a time.  Our current focus is Summer Night Lights, a program that reduces violent crime while promoting peace, positive activities, and healthy outcomes for the residents of 32 communities across the City of Los Angeles.

Summer Night Lights

Summer Night Lights is a public/private partnership that brings together The GRYD Foundation, the City of Los Angeles Mayor’s GRYD Office, and the Department of Recreation & Parks to create safe, healthy and strong neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles.

beck-flop“Much more than keeping parks open and helping young people, Summer Night Lights does more…SNL builds community…it puts the community in charge of its own fate…”

Charlie Beck, Chief of Police

Tattoo Removal

The GRYD Foundation is proud of its work with Communities In Schools and the City of Los Angeles’s GRYD Office to launch a free tattoo removal program.

Gun Buyback

The GRYD Foundation is proud to lend its support via news and social media outlets to promote and support the City of Los Angeles Gun Buyback initiative.