GRYD creates safe spaces and promotes positive community engagement in underserved areas throughout Los Angeles… changing life trajectories.

“When you support the GRYD Foundation, you help to reduce gang violence and improve lives.”

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Creating a Safer, Healthier, Equitable Los Angeles

The GRYD Foundation mission is to create a safer, healthier, equitable Los Angeles with a focus on communities heavily impacted by gun violence and often lacking resources due to socioeconomic and racial disparities. We believe that every youth, regardless of race, gender or geography, should have the resources, opportunities, and systems to grow up to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

Boxing + Academics ​Impact Story

While canvassing in Nickerson Gardens, staff came across Angel’s mother. We explained the program and safety measures. She was overjoyed, even shed tears. She told us how Angel was falling behind due to her not knowing English and not being able to undertand the technology being used for distant learning. She also mentioned Angel not paying attention when she would get him connected.  Since Angel has been coming daily to the program, he has caught up on his missing assignments, homework and tests! –Staff at Nickerson Gardens