Artist Spotlights

Bryan Lopez AKA MayanMask: Art Journals

Born and raised in Los Angeles, with a Guatemalan background, my mission is to spread art healing to everyone in the world. It is in our power to heal, repair, and improve our communities.

Edweedo: Tongvan Landscape Art

Raised in the rainforest Edweedo earned his name. Battling to survive his dangerous lifestyle living with wolves he gained his ability to play music to soothe his pack.

Marlené: Watercolor Collage Class

Art has always been a way for me to reconnect to my Guatemalan Mayan roots and have a voice when my words can’t capture my truth. Nothing brings me more joy than guiding others into their own creativity which always leads to their freedom and healing.

Dezcjon: Making Mandalas

As an artist, I’m blessed to have gotten to a point where my life revolves around art. Being a teaching artist consistently allows me to see the power/impact of art.

Mattciej: Making Pictograms

Art has helped me get through the worst times of my life and has given me a purpose, which is why I have always felt the need to give back.