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Summer Night Lights Aims to Reduce Gang Violence

Summer Night Lights Aims to Reduce Gang Violence. By Spectrum News Staff Los Angeles PUBLISHED 10:59 AM ET Apr. 15, 2019 PUBLISHED 10:59 AM EDT Apr. 15, 2019. SHARE. The City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Gang Reduction and Youth Development, along with the GRYD Foundation, aims to increase resiliency in neighborhoods.

Chargers Support Key to Expansion of Summer Night Lights Program

“We know Summer Night Lights is a proven difference-maker,” Spanos said. “You’ve heard all the stats, it’s unbelievable. We know it reduces violence, it builds communities (and) it makes communities safer. We also know that SNL needed more funding to operate at its full potential and that’s why we’re here today.

L.A.’s Summer Night Lights program focuses on at-risk youth

To encourage family fun and fight gang violence, dozens of parks across Los Angeles will keep the candle burning beginning Wednesday night. The Summer Night Lights 2015 will run from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday at 32 parks across the city, including six in the San Fernando Valley. In early August, they’ll […]

Lighting Up Tough Parks’ Darkness

LOS ANGELES — Harvard Park has been a no-man’s land after dark for decades. Its location, at the borders of rival gang turf, has made it more a demilitarized zone than public space since the inception of this city’s oldest and most entrenched street gangs. So there was a giddy excitement among the thousand or […]