Summer Night Lights 2018 set a record with Community Art Nights (CAN) being held at all 32 sites. Programming continues with Fall Friday Nights theme-based activities, including more community art nights, plus educational and health and healing resources.

Fall Friday Nights Line-Up Week 3

Empowering youth to succeed through healthy food, through art, through sport, through knowledge, through safety, through health and healing, through college prep, through community and through family

Skateboarding Spotlight

Fall Friday Nights offers free community programming for young adults, teens and parents. Activities vary per site, with options such as workshops, arts & crafts, culinary arts, tennis, rugby, soccer and skate

2018 Fall Friday Nights Is Here

Continuing to focus on violence reduction after students have returned to school, Fall Friday Nights supports our vision of creating a safe, strong, healthy Los Angeles and of making Los Angeles the safest big city in the nation

Positive Thinking

Change your thoughts and you change your world

Connecting Thru Healthy Competition

Healthy competition thru games and physical activities can foster a safe environment where youth and adults can have fun while honing their skills and making new friends, regardless of whether it ends with a win or a loss.

Community Garden Installation

Goals are for kids and families to get excited about healthy eating; to provide a source of fresh fruits and vegetables; and to bring residents of all ages together to build community around healthy habits, and harvest parties!

SNL 2018 Finales

Summer Night Lights is a place to make connections and create memories

What Is Real

What Is Real? the Life and Crimes of Darnell Riley explores the nine years he spent in the custody of California’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.  On January 22, 2004, Darnell Riley broke into the home of Girls Gone Wild founder, Joe Francis. Throughout the night he filmed a blackmail video, and arranged for payment so that the video didn’t go viral. With neither self-pity nor self-aggrandizement, this memoir takes a cold hard look at a life of crime, the toll it takes, the reality of life inside California’s prisons, and the price paid by an inmate’s friends, family, and loved ones.

In this book, Riley confronts the question of which version of himself is real―the young, mild-mannered kid from Los Angeles, known to his friends and family as Riley Perez, or the man who pleaded guilty to robbery and attempted extortion, known to the State of California as Darnell Riley.

The GRYD Foundation knows him as a man who loves boxing, writing and producing and is using his gifts and talents to help us in our mission of creating a safer, stronger, healthier Los Angeles.  To learn more, you’ll have to buy the book!

Sport Rule 1: Have Fun

Play often leads to laughter, which has been linked to decreased stress and lower blood pressure.