Far Reaching Impact of Food Insecurity

“Food insecurity is a disruption in the ability to get food or to regularly eat because of limited money or other resources. Studies show that children who experience food insecurity have poorer nutrition, worse general health and oral health, and a higher risk for cognitive problems, anxiety and depression. Adults have a higher risk for obesity, diabetes and hypertension, and greater mental health and sleep problems.” 2020 study directed by Public Exchange, based at the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences.

The GRYD Foundation addressed food insecurity by providing grab-and-go food bundles across 31 Los Angeles communities as part of the Summer Night Lights program this summer. We continue to address food insecurity and the need for fitness activities by distributing food staples and operating a boxing academy at Nickerson Gardens Recreation Center each week. To get involved, sign up for updates or drop by the Recreation Center Friday’s between 9am-4pm. 11251 S. Compton Ave., Los Angeles CA 90059.