Los Angeles Dodgers RBI Program is Reviving Baseball In Inner Cities

Dodgers RBI (Reviving Baseball In Inner Cities) is bigger than baseball. Dodgers RBI is a baseball/softball youth development program that simultaneously aims to: increase participation in the sport and use sport participation as an engagement tool that increases access to education, literacy, health, wellness, and recreational resources in some of Los Angeles’ most underserved communities.

Focusing on youth character development, the Dodgers RBI program engages families and communities. Dodgers RBI program (Reviving Baseball In Inner Cities) impacts and families across all three pillars of the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation: Sports + Recreation, Education + Literacy, and Health + Wellness.

Dodgers RBI takes place in South LA, East LA, Northeast LA, Inglewood, Compton and Long Beach. The program is open to youth ages 5 – 18.

Dodgers RBI Websites lists websites for all locations and information on where registration will take place.

To learn more, visit the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation site