The GRYD Foundation mission is to create a safer, healthier, Los Angeles with a focus on communities that are heavily impacted by gang violence and that often lack resources due to economic, racial, and neighborhood boundaries.

We believe every youth, regardless of race, gender or geography, should have the resources, opportunities, and systems to grow up to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

“My whole life, my whole family was part of the gang…I’m trying to set a new example for my nieces and nephews.”


GRYD Foundation works collaboratively with the City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Public Safety, Gang Reduction & Youth Development to implement Summer Night Lights and Fall Friday Nights. Youth Squad 360 adds an extra layer of case management and workforce development services for Summer Night Lights youth workers.

Boxing+STREAM is a fitness and academic program at Nickerson Gardens Housing Development in partnership with the Housing Authority of City of Los Angeles.

Together, these programs work to create safe spaces and to promote workforce development and healthy outcomes for the residents of 32 communities across the City of Los Angeles.