Pablo Estrada

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“Pablo Estrada has previously worked for the Summer Night Lights program as a Youth Squad in 2016, and a Site Coordinator in 2017 at the Glassell Park SNL site. He has also worked as a Sports Fellow with the GRYD Foundation in the summer of 2018 assisting with LA professional sports team clinics at majority of the SNL sites throughout all of Los Angeles. In the summer of 2019, Pablo had the role of a Community Engagement Specialist in collecting community members data/experience of their community as a whole, and the Summer Night Lights programming at their local site. The data was then used for reporting purposes, and an Arc GIS story map was published in February 2020 that highlighted Summer Night Lights and community members’ experiences. Pablo now works with the Los Angeles Department of City Planning as a Planning Assistant in the Project Planning Bureau. He assists applicants in discretionary applications for all size and types of projects, and reviewing building permit applications/plans that relate to the scope of work for City Planning compliance.”