Positive Thinking

I think we all can agree that positive thinking is more beneficial than negative thinking.  Negative thinking can limit us in pursuing and accomplishing goals, and in our ability to learn and grow.  On the other hand, positive thinking can lay the groundwork for us to pursue and accomplish goals, learn new things and reach our true potential.

One way to cultivate a positive mindset is to visualize ourselves as successful. When setting a goal,  actually visualize ourselves accomplishing it. What will success look like? What will success feel like? What will the reward be?

Another way to cultivate a positive mindset is to eliminate negative self talk.  When we have negative, defeating self talk, stop and replace it with a positive affirmation.

These principles of positive thinking came together during Summer Night Lights tennis where instructors inspired youth who had never picked up a racquet to believe they could learn a new sport…and they did!

Change your thoughts and you change your world. Norman Vincent Peale