Summer Night Lights with the Fall Friday Nights and Youth Squad 360 components work together as part of a comprehensive year round strategy.

Through our partnership with the City of Los Angeles and our Summer Night Lights / Fall Friday Nights / Youth Squad 360 programming model, we are creating platforms for community members and law enforcement to engage in peaceful, positive activities — breaking down barriers and building trust via sports, arts, food and fun!

Summer Night Lights

The Summer Night Lights program is a public and private partnership undertaken by the City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Gang Reduction & Youth Development (“GRYD”) and The GRYD Foundation. Summer Night Lights (“SNL”) operates at 32 locations across the City of Los Angeles, keeping recreation centers and parks open between the hours of 7 pm – 11 pm during the summer and adding extended programming. SNL expands the menu of activities at each site beyond what is traditionally offered. As a result, community members can participate in free sports, arts and recreational activities, resource fairs, health screenings, workshops, and connections to resources that they can utilize year round.

Youth Squad 360

Youth Squad 360 offers young adults the training, one on one counseling, tools and resources they need to lead successful, productive lives.

This GRYD Foundation program is an extra layer of service designed to strengthen Summer Night Lights Youth Squad Members as they pursue their educational, career and wellness goals. The objective of Youth Squad 360 is to help current and former SNL Youth Squad members achieve long-term stability and success at home, at school and in the workplace.