​​​​Youth Squad 360

​Youth Squad 360 takes place throughout the year with an emphasis on annually working with 50 to 80 youth and young adults who have been exposed to gun-related violence in their communities and have been hired by the City or GRYD Foundation to staff the Summer Night Lights program. Youth Squad 360 is an extra layer of service designed to strengthen Summer Night Lights youth workers as they pursue their educational, career and wellness goals.

​​One-on-one case management, individual coaching, group workshops, and peer-to-peer mentoring are provided in-person when safe per public health guidelines and thru video/online technology due to COVID-19. Scholarships are provided, along with assistance meeting basic needs (food security, transportation, housing, health issues.)

​Youth Squad 360 helps youth overcome obstacles while increasing their 21st century soft skills, employment readiness, and exposure to career pathways; engages youth with caring, skilled case manager who provide academic, career and life mentoring; and fosters self-care and a focus on health and wellness.

case management and workforce development services supporting academic attainment and job readiness not just skills building but also addressing trauma and promoting healthy coping skills

​Youth Squad 360 Spotlight

Equipping youth for post-secondary education and upwardly mobile jobs

“The Youth Squad 360 program showed me that no matter what life has thrown at me, I can get through it.”

– Ronnie Broaden,Summer Night Lights Youth Squad @ Ross Snyder 2014, 2018 & 2019
“Youth Squad 360 helped me maintain my goals and be productive. Also, Summer Night Lights, in general, has made me more responsible and hardworking.”

-Michelle RamirezYS SNL 2019 @ Delano Recreation Center


The GRYD Foundation created Youth Squad 360 to offer year round supportive services to the youth and young adults hired for the Summer Night Lights program.


360 degree wrap around service. Youth Squad 360 offers youth and young adults the training, one on one counseling, tools and resources they need to lead successful, productive lives.

​This GRYD Foundation program is an extra layer of service designed to strengthen Summer Night Lights Youth Squad Members* as they pursue their educational and career goals. The objective of Youth Squad 360 is to help current and former SNL Youth Squad* achieve long-term stability and success at home, at school and in the workplace. *In response to the novel coronavirus and its financial impact on Angelenos, we have opened enrollment to recent Summer Night Lights/Fall Friday Nights program coordinators and site coordinators.


​Youth Squad 360 offers supportive services as a part of a long-term strategy that is individually tailored for each participant such as:
  • Case Management
  • Work Readiness
  • Career Exploration
  • Paid Work Experience
  • Job Skills Training
  • College Preparation
  • Mentoring & Life Coach Services
  • Wellness & Life Skills Training
  • Connections to Mental Health & Counseling Resources


Summer Night Lights Youth Squad Members from 2008 – Present and recent Site/Program Coordinators who are interested in getting hands-on assistance with their educational and career pursuits should contact us to find out if this might be a good fit. Enter your email below to inquire:


    ​​How Can You Get Involved?

    ​We are looking for guest speakers on topics such as study skills, interview techniques, how to apply for a position at your place of employment, what’s it like working in your particular field; certified counselors in the areas of nutrition, emotional intelligence, anger management, substance abuse, and grief recovery; and workshop leaders (skills based.)

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    ​​The GRYD Foundation. Creating a safer, healthier Los Angeles — one Youth Squad 360 participant at a time!


    • We schedule and conduct one-on-one initial interviews and assessments to determine if this program is a good fit for each interested participant
    • We schedule and conduct one-on-one initial interviews and assessments to determine if this program is a good fit for each interested participant
    • We conduct workshops and trainings in the areas of academics, job readiness, workforce skills, financial literacy, healthy relationships, household/living environment, emotional intelligence, anger management, mental wellness, health & fitness, substance abuse counseling, and grief recovery
    • We connect participants to additional service providers, resources, internships and employment opportunities
    • We host college and career fairs with information on scholarships, educational and employment opportunities